SRINAGAR: Farhana Farooq Reshi, a 15-year-old from Srinagar, has achieved success by clinching a gold medal at the 11th National Pencak Silat Championship held in Bihar.

Farhana Farooq Reshi, from Srinagar, won gold medal at the 11th National Pencak Silat Championship held in Bihar

A resident of Brain Nishat, Farhana has brought laurels by winning the gold medal in the national championship held at Patli Putra Stadium in Patna.

Speaking with the news agency KNO, she expressed her joy over the accomplishment, stating that winning a national gold medal not only brings recognition to her art but also serves as motivation to intensify her efforts.

Farhana mentioned her interest in martial arts since childhood and her aspiration to represent India at the international level. “Despite having learned various art forms during the past two years, I specifically started training in Pencak Silat six months ago. I work hard at the local indoor stadium under the guidance of a skilled trainer, and my goal is to participate in an international championship and win gold,” she said.

Expressing her gratitude, Farhana’s mother, Tabasum, said her daughter has been receiving training at the Indoor Sports Stadium in Srinagar for the last two years. She called upon parents to support their children’s interests in sports, emphasising that talent in sports could pave the way for a successful future.

Farhana urged the youth to pursue their passions and work towards their goals. “If you work hard, you will achieve the goals,” she said. (KNO)


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