Tosa Maidan Killing: The Army version

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In a statement, army on Tuesday said, “It has been brought out that a 12 years old girl Simran Riyaz died on the spot while her brother Fayaz Ahmed Parray lost both his legs when they walked over a littered shell. Army expresses grief over the incident of explosion. At this hour of loss to the family, Army sends its condolences to the bereaved family.”

However, according to the statement, Army gave the following ‘clarification’ about the allegations reported against Artillery firing:

First: the location of incident was house instead of nallah.

Secondly: the explosion cannot be related to an artillery shell because explosion of even a smaller caliber artillery shell would have caused the room or the house, to collapse or get damaged. There was only a small crater of few inches in this case.

Thirdly: artillery shell could not have drifted from the impact area and come to Lassipora as there is no nallah connecting impact area and the village.

The statement further said, “In fact the intervening features are such that no amount of rain could cause this. Also as per the reports, the explosion took place in a field. However, the explosion has taken place within the house of Manzoor Parray.”

Notwithstanding the above, the statement said, considering the financial condition of the family and on humanitarian grounds Army took on the treatment of the child and admitted him at the Badami Bagh Base Hospital.

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