SRINAGAR: As Kashmir faces an impending extreme winter, the demand for Turkish inglenooks, or Bukhari, is on the rise. These elegant and efficient heaters have become a winter essential in Kashmiri households, with local stores witnessing a notable increase in sales. The heaters’ ability to provide both warmth and aesthetic appeal is driving their popularity.

Turkish Bukhari (Rep Image)

A Kashmiri importer and seller of Turkish Bukharis, notes the growing demand not only in Kashmir but across colder regions like Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. Having sold over 400 Bukharis last season, Ahsan anticipates a surge this year, given the increasing popularity in Kashmir.

Turkish Bukharis stand out for their eco-friendly composition, made of iron as opposed to traditional tin-made Bukharis. This not only emits more heat but also aligns with environmental consciousness. Priced between Rs 18,590 and Rs 1,30,000, Turkish Bukharis are versatile, featuring various compartments for distinct functions.

The seller explains, “Turkish Bukharis are multipurpose. Apart from keeping us warm, they have compartments for baking and cooking.” Mohammed Ali, another seller, acknowledges the overwhelming response, with stores working tirelessly to restock and meet customer demands.

A local resident Farhat Khan expresses delight in her Turkish inglenook, describing it as “the most elegant winter appliance” with its multipurpose features resembling “a piece of Turkish art that serves a practical purpose.”

Winters keep Bukhari makers in Srinagar busy

As winter approaches, the surge in demand for Turkish Bukharis is a testament to their efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and eco-friendly design. Explore the elegance and practicality that make these inglenooks a must-have for Kashmir’s harsh winter conditions.(KNO)


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