SRINAGAR: Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday that since 2021, two Border Security Force (BSF) personnel along with 21 civilians attempting infiltration have been captured.

Nisith Pramanik, Union Minister of State for Home, highlighted the government’s strategy to counter infiltration endeavors along the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh borders.

This strategy encompasses continuous border surveillance, round-the-clock patrolling, the establishment of observation posts, bolstering the BSF personnel count, erecting border fencing, and implementing floodlighting.

The multifaceted approach also entails utilising watercraft, boats, and floating border outposts to dominate riverine areas. The integration of advanced technological tools like handheld thermal imagers, night vision devices, twin telescopes, and unmanned aerial vehicles has been emphasized.

In response to a question, Nisith Pramanik stated, “Two BSF personnel and 21 local individuals/civilians attempting infiltration have been apprehended since 2021. In cases involving officials or local individuals, thorough investigations are conducted by relevant central and state government authorities. Appropriate and stringent actions are taken in accordance with the law.”


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