Urdu Literature!!! – Young Life

Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Hajibagh, HMT

Today, the literature of Urdu is dying;
Because we only know false crying.
Our gems of literature are buying;
An honest writer is sighing.
Prem Chand has done his job;
And We are here to rob.
NIDA Fazili was wearing a true robe;
My heart has forgotten to throb.
Mir Taqi Mir showed a true picture;
He was the man of mixture.
Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi was an infinite structure;
He proved;apart from an architecture.
Ghalib is sleeping inside the emotions;
Because he worked for smart changes.
Asrar ul Haq Majaaz didn’t care for wages;
He left us and didn’t leave any sages.
Aatash was the custodian of grief;
Because his life was too brief.
Moomin distinguished chicken from beef;
And we are overexploitation coral reef.
Ibrahim Zauq was a ray of hope;
And we are caught in a false rope.
Wash your hearts with divine soap;
The other name of no is nope.
Fahmeeda Riyaaz and Tarannum Riyaaz are models;
They hate the life of hotels.
Professor Hamidi set the trends:
Because we are not friends.
Sayyid shabib Rizvi is really an inspiration;
Because his role is a good contribution.
We are living the lives of illusion;
Parveen Shakir wasn’t all about temptation.
Let us strive for our heritage.
The poets are not same like my Coleridge…..


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