VDC Terror: Silence of CM Mufti ‘Mysterious, Criminal’, says Hurriyat (g)



VDC-woman-workers090Terming the silence of the Mufti Mohammad Sayeed over the public pressure of disbanding the Village Defence Committees (VDCs) as “mysterious and criminal”, Hurriyat Conference (g) Sunday thanked people for observing shutdown on Saturday.

“We will continue our public awareness campaign in this regard and we will do everything to highlight the terrorism of the VDCs,” Hurriyat (g) said in a statement.

“The way people protested in the entire state on the appeal of Geelani proves that all the people are against the existence of the VDC terrorist force and they are united in the demand for disbanding this terrorist force. The people want that all the terrorist activities of the VDC members should be investigated by some independent agency and all the involved persons should be brought to books,” the statement said.

Hurriyat (g) expressed surprise that on the one hand Nirmal Singh and other BJP politicians are openly defending the communal and terrorist VDC force and on the other hand Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his daughter are silent over this serious issue and they don’t even talk about it. “Mufti Sayeed actually does not want to upset his partners. He although wants to transfer the Chief Ministership to his daughter and he is apprehensive that upsetting BJP will hamper that proposal,” the statement added.

“It is serious situation that the state head is silent over the terrorist activities of the armed communal forces. This situation has terrorized the Muslims of Pir Panjal and Chenab Valley and they are very much concerned with the protection of their lives, property and their dignity. The Muslims of the Jammu division will not be left at the mercy of the VDC terrorists and we will continue our campaign for demanding the disbanding of this criminal force,” the statement further said.

Hurriyat Conference (g) expressed its deep concern that the “police in Doda district have started to harass” the people who are raising their voices against the VDC terrorists. “According to the reports, SHO Doda police station has threatened to kill a Muslim youth Ayaz Ahmad Wani,” the statement alleged.

Hurriyat cautions that if anything “untoward happen with the said youth”, “it will have serious consequences and all its responsibility will be on police and the civil administration”, the statement said.


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