We need a centrifuge

Arshid Malik

Kashmir is in bad need of a politico-socio-economic centrifuge; a centrifuge that would isolate causations on a classical basis. This centrifuge I am talking about should not come in the shape of a mechanized monolith but as a designed thought process, motivated by humanitarian interests and run by citizen politics and thereof aid in the segregation of propaganda from the truisms. As long as this does not happen, Kashmir will remain a mystery confined to violent periods of strife and political instability and eventually never get resolved, leaving the population statutorily stupefied.

Let me try to elaborate. When we talk about resolving Kashmir issue, one of the greatest and most mishandled political debacles of all times, we are stepping into quicksand as facts and fiction are so closely intertwined that resolution is technically impossible. Besides, there are so many issues in Kashmir which have never been addressed in tandem.

These issues are political, social, economic, cultural, regional, traditional, industrial, educational, psychological and linguistic in nature and all of these are pivoted over India’s post partition crisis. These issues have been addressed overtly and covertly time and time again by political as well as apolitical organizations and institutions, but in complete isolation from each other and that is theoretically and practically wrong.

All of these issues need to be addressed at the same time and that would lead to a solution. There are people, great political minds occupying the high chairs in India and the world over who are practically in good knowledge of the fact that a crisis, especially a political one, is never single stranded and that there is always a multitude of threads over which another multitude of beads of uncertainty and imbalance are woven.

The matter, as I have come to understand, is that no one actually wants the Kashmir imbroglio to be resolved except the historically tattered people of Kashmir, as many a house and hearth are dependent for survival over this political debacle; this “political hen” which lays golden eggs. And once the issues I am talking about here are left to dry in the sun they have developed an internal magnetism and are thereof lumped together, convulsed into an empire of fatigue and discomfort which weighs down the people of Kashmir.

The media, to a great extent, has aided in the unsubscribed accumulation of these issues into a dangerous mass which is irresolvable and immensely threatening the very survival of Kashmiri people. Thus my suggested centrifuge!
When we apply my suggested centrifuge to the accumulated mass of political, social, economic, cultural, regional, traditional, industrial, educational, psychological and linguistic issues we would attain an understanding of the situation on eventual platforms wherefore each and every issue would be attended to distinctly. This centrifuge would also aid in the segregation of truths and untruth which stand conglomerated as of now.

The centrifuge I talk of, as already discussed, is not a machine but a mental vortex which has to be formulated at the socio-psychological level. This centrifuge is actually a movement of social, political and economic thought that has to earn prodigious momentum and eventually transform into a non-institutional and apolitical mechanism at the level of the educated, intellectually sound and thoughtful Kashmiri people.


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