SRINAGAR: Former Chief Minister and Vice President of the National Conference, Omar Abdullah, questioned the circumstances surrounding Altaf Bukhari’s freedom in 2019, despite himself and other prominent politicians facing detention.

Speaking at a party convention in Pattan in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district, Omar expressed his perplexity, stating, “Please tell us the secret, how and why were you (Altaf Bukhari) free?”

Abdullah, emphasising his commitment to speaking out against wrongdoing, asserted, “Wrong is wrong, and I speak up against wrongdoings.” Despite being part of the INDIA Alliance, he cited instances where he criticized the Congress government’s decisions in Karnataka and voiced opposition to the Jammu and Kashmir government and the LG when necessary. However, he noted that Altaf Bukhari refrained from speaking against the BJP, of which he is a part.

In response to Altaf Bukhari’s comments on the Tangmarg episode in 2010, Abdullah called for an explanation regarding who ignited the events in Tangmarg at that time. He highlighted the historical context of conspiracies against Chief Ministers in Jammu and Kashmir, dating back to 1953, and urged a discussion on the events of 1984. Abdullah clarified that the Tangmarg meeting in 2010 was solely intended to brief MPs on the ground reality. [KNT]


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