Will Sit In Opposition But Will Never Align With Regional Parties: BJP

KL Report


The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday said it will prefer to sit in opposition if it doesn’t have numbers to form the government of its own in Jammu and Kashmir after the results of the state elections 2014.

As the party earlier claimed to sweep the JK polls with its mission 44 making rounds in state’s political landscape, the BJP said that the exit polls show less number of the seats than the actual ones won by the party.

The Exit polls earlier on Saturday predicted 27 t0 33 seats for this saffron party out of the 87 member legislative assembly. “We expect more as the party has done fairly well during the five phased polls in Jammu and Kashmir,” BJP’s chief spokesman here Arun Gupta told KNS.

He added that Kashmir valley besides Jammu has exhibited huge support to the party and it is confidant to come out with the good numbers.

Over joining hands with any regional party of the state for the government formation, BKP said it would rather prefer to sit in opposition than to align with any regional party like PDP or national conference. “There is no question of joining hands with PDP or NC for making of the government. We will either join hands with the independents if we require to or prefer to sit in opposition,” Gupta said.

He added that Kashmir valley has supported the agenda of the BJP and the hardships, the valley people have gone through have made them to vote for BJP during polls. “Not only Jammu but the Kashmir valley has given us enormous support. We are indeed indebted to them and the state in the coming time would witness peace and prosperity during BJP’s tenure,” remarked Gupta.


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