Women Discrimination – Young Life

Ayat Parvez | Govt Higher Secondary, Amira Kadal

Gender discrimination is a catastrophe for a society. It is a grubby character of those who discriminate the woman. A woman is also one of the kindred sprit who as well is created by the creator of this beautiful universe.Woman is the grandeur being. So why she only faces the evils and crimes of the people? Who are bankrupt of intelligence? It is an axiom that woman should be given respect, love, care and courage because she is one kind who has patience much more than any of the living being.Today we are living in 21st century but still this freakish thing lie in our society. We should breakup with our old habits of thinking that male folk always deserve respect and importance.The gender discrimination is a brutish crime. Being women who are the sufferer always curses her life for being “SHE”. Alphabet “SHE” is always and as given so much of pain, disrespect and hatred by “HE” but “HE” alphabet is always given an encomium in every walk of life. “SHE” always faces fixation, misfortune as she is female. Why this duress has arisen?Being aware of truth, why people eschew? Why males forget they came in this world from a womb of a mother? Why they forget their generation would be carried on by a woman. Males are always brought up in such an environment where they feel they are the most laudable ones. But females are the loathsome ones. People who actually do these things are in great venom.It is said “NIP THE EVIL IN THE BUD”. What it actually means? It means every robustness, crudeness and dishearten behaviour should be avoided and instead the things which are full of love, affection and adoration should be adopted by everyone. Never hate a women, bring her up with every best and finally we all will get to know for what and why actually we discriminated woman. For what and why she was kept away from every happiness and liking. Truth is always bitter but truth is always accepted at last without any doubt. So, the truth is that women are far better than men. They make their identity by coming and avoiding all the atrocious things. They can do anything in attaining their position by keeping a belief on them and on their ability. In our religion Islam woman is venerated and who so ever misbehaves with a woman is considered one of the worst being by Allah and his Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). It is said that men should not be a womaniser as our holy Prophet (PBUH) himself married a woman who was a divorced and many years elder to him. It is also said in our religion that woman should not be oppressed and there is no single saying about hitting a woman by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The golden words said by our Prophet (PBUH) about woman, a daughter is a veil for her father from hell.The wife completes half of her husbands religion. The mother is the means of her child’s entry into the paradise. Now the readers of my written essay please tell me where is the role of women(NO WHERE). Woman was great, is great and will always be great. So don’t oppress, suppress and hurt woman. She can make you and destroy you as well. Males shouldn’t dash the hopes of women otherwise they will get dashed in this criminal offence of gender discrimination.


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