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With an aim of connecting the local Ladakhi culture to the world, and to empower creation of a window for future explorers to research on the environment and the Ladakhi landscape, the world’s 3rd Education Base has been set up in Ladakh.

By creating a foundation based on the three pillars of Sustainable Energy Structure, E-learning Knowledge Centre & Local Acceptance, the World’s ‘Third E-Base’ located at Mahabodhi in Ladakh will act as a bridge between the local Ladakhi community and the outside world. The E-base will also be a window for local students to connect with global educators & researchers. It will also educate local students on the latest in Science, Technology & Arts and will host visiting faculties to cover relevant topics. For the global community, the ‘Third E-Base’ will provide a platform to understand Ladakhi culture and their sustainable lifestyle and increase its socio-cultural setup.

Inaugurated by the world famous polar explorer, Sir Robert Swan, Order of British Empire the first person to have walked to both the poles of Earth, the Third E-Base’s concept has been instituted by Sir Swan who prior to this initiative has built two E-bases at the South Pole and Pench Forests in Madhya Pradesh.


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