Yasin Malik Kept Under House Arrest, Candle Lit Protest on Tuesday

KL Report


Chairman Liberation Front Mohammad Yasin Malik, who was arrested day before was shifted to his residence last night and placed under house arrest. A large contingent of police and other forces has been stationed outside his house.

As per a statement Malik has said, “Indian forces by massacring two more young buds of Kashmiris has given us fresh wounds. Innocent youth Irfan Nabi of Markundal Sumbal was dreaming of becoming an intellectual and Tariq Ahmad Laharwal of Koundbal Sumbal was just starting his new life have been brutalized by Indians in broad day light and in front of thousands, but Indian media especially television channels, Indian puppet politicians and army hierarchy by putting word ‘allegedly’ and by blacking this news out or reducing its importance have actually shown their inhuman behaviour and animosity against Kashmiri’s.”

Malik has said “Indian media that are seen jumping against Kashmiris and painting small issues big when it comes to malign kashmiris and their struggle have totally kept mum on the crimes committed by their ‘gallantry’ soldiers. This shows that these pro India politicians and media are actually working as stooges for Indian Army and forces and can go to any extent for defending the crimes of these forces.”

Malik said that these people now stand exposed before Kashmiris and Kashmiris reserve their right of social boycotting them for their anti-Kashmiri role. Yasin Malik said, “Today we Kashmiris are mourning on the death of our budding young ones but world, and civil society remain silent. Today Kashmiris again ask the world, the human rights organizations, the so called humanity lovers, the so called civil society, where are they? Hasn’t the blood of Kashmiri’s any value in their eyes.”

Malik has also asked the human community, world powers, civil society’s and especially those who work in India to act fast and denounce the unilateral violence of Indian army and its political class. Yasin said that it is very important for these people as their own sanctity and structure is on stake and if they do not act people will lose faith in them. Yasin Malik said that Kashmiris cannot remain silent on these killings and the protest will continue.

JKLF is going to take out a peaceful candle lit protest march on July 02, against these killings after Nimaz I Magrib. The protest march will start from JKLF head quarters Maqbool Manzil Srinagar.


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