100 Couples Tie Knot In Kashmir Mass Marriage


SRINAGAR: In a noteworthy event on Sunday, Al-Noor Yateem Trust, a non-governmental organisation, organised a mass marriage ceremony in Srinagar, uniting around 100 orphaned women from various districts in the region.

The ceremony took place at a Marriage Hall in Srinagar’s Bemina locality.

Shabir Ahmed, Chairman of ‘Al-Noor Yateem Trust,’ spoke about their long-standing tradition, stating, “Since 2012, we’ve been adopting orphaned girls as well as girls from poor families and conducting their wedding ceremonies every year. We perform the ‘Nikah’ ceremony for each of them under the supervision of their legal guardians.”

He emphasised the evolving nature of ‘Nikah’ in today’s society, remarking, “While ‘Nikah’ is intended to be a blessing, it has, unfortunately, become a burden for financially disadvantaged girls.”

A newlywed shared her gratitude, saying, “We can’t thank ‘Al-Noor Yateem Trust’ enough. This is a joyful moment for all of us. We understand the challenges associated with marriages today, marked by elaborate customs and extravagant celebrations.”

Another girl added, “These mass marriages remind us of the simplicity and significance of ‘Nikah’ in our lives.”

The ceremony was a beautiful and modest affair, with simplicity at its core. Families and well-wishers gathered to witness the unions, celebrating the essence of love and togetherness. It was a stark departure from the extravagant weddings that have become increasingly prevalent in recent times.


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