13 Porters Lost Lives since 1984 @ Siachen: Govt



The rescue operation in Siachen early this year when ten army men lost their lives in snow avalanche.
The rescue operation in Siachen early this year when ten army men lost their lives in snow avalanche.

Minister for Finance, Dr Haseeb A Drabu Thursday called for strict implementation of laws and social security schemes meant for labour class in Jammu and Kashmir.

Chairing a meeting of Jammu and Kashmir Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, Dr Drabu said the board must monitor the activities around major construction and mining sites in the state to ensure that the legislations meant for the welfare of workers are followed in letter and spirit, an official spokesperson said this evening.

Dr Drabu said that building and other construction workers are one of the largest and most vulnerable segments of unorganized sector and it is the duty of the government to address the issues related to their welfare.

The Minister was apprised about the functions and activities of the board including various welfare schemes undertaken for the welfare of workers like children education, pension, accident coverage, marriage and relief in case of calamities.

The board urged for using ICT for monitoring, tracking and reporting of cess collection, registration of beneficiaries, issuance of identity card to eligible persons, validation and dispersal of benefits to members and fixation of pension.

The board proposed to invite expression of interest from reputed agencies dealing with implementation of e-governance project of similar nature.

Dr Drabu told the board members that due to a surge in mining and construction activities, huge crowd of labourers are seen in different localities of the state which needs to be managed.

He said that the board should identify 10 sites in each district of the state where the labourers are provided proper safety equipment by the employers.

Meanwhile, Dr Drabu said that at present 820 porters are engaged at Siachen Glacier, during current year whereas  13 porters have lost their lives in the higher reaches of Siachen Glacier since 1984.

Replying to a Calling Attention Notice by Deldan Namgial regarding the non-payment of compensation and assistance to the labourers and porters who got injured or killed at Siachen Glacier.

The Minister said that compensation has been paid in all  cases as per Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 and provisions of  Labour Law as applicable to the State of J&K. Considering  nature of  job of these porters, it would not be feasible to disclose their names and other particulars, the Minister added.


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