PDP lawmaker Javaid Mustafa Mir

PDPs angry (but not so) young man Javaid Mustafa Mir has refused to be cowed down when it comes to the status and the respect that a lawmaker has. Last week, he broke the new in assembly that army has sent a word to him, seeking a meeting. “I am a legislator and they are calling me to meet them,” Mir, who is perhaps only J&K lawmaker who is routinely, carries a gun, said. “If they have to talk to me, why don’t they come to my residence and we will talk.” But that was not all. “I am not afraid of forces though I have respect for their uniform,” he said, “They should know that legislators have authority. I will not go and tell them to do whatever they want.”


Senior separatist Syed Ali Geelani

Now, Syed Ali Geelani is a MUST doctor. At its 2nd grand convocation of Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST), Geelani was conferred with the Honorary Degree of Doctorate by the Varsity in acknowledgement of his life-long meritorious services to the Kashmiris cause. In his absence, Hurriyat’s PaK based leader Ghulam Muhammad Safi received the degree on his behalf. The event honoured 2 PhDs, 165 PGs and 1400 graduates.


Rundown power distribution system and negligent managers are killing people quite inhumanly. Within less than two months after a PDD lineman was roasted to death in a Banihal village, in yet another tragedy a Dalit lineman died almost in similar circumstances. Unlike Banihal, this unfortunate West Pakistan Refugee remained entangled on the wires, dead, till his department finished a “party”. Des Raj was 50 and a casual labour. He had climbed up the pole to repair a snag when somebody from the station put on the switch of the high-tension transmission line (HTTL) at Keerian Gandyal belt.


Noora Hospital Srinagar

The more Kashmir gets morbid, the best innovative the healthcare emerges. Now Kashmir has reached a level that private sector is not only competing but is leading for a change. Noora Hospital with multi-disciplinary specialists, last week, carried out an advanced laparoscopic Bariatric surgery that, many think, is Kashmir’s first. Four surgeons – Dr Syed Rafiq Simnani, Dr P Roy, Dr Majid and Dr Umer performed the “very advanced” intervention by drilling 4 small holes using laparoscopic staplers into the 115-kgs body of a patient. It took them more than 2 hours. This intervention is recommended in obese cases where the weight loss could eventually be around half of total.


NC provincial president Jammu and MLA Devender Singh Rana

C leader and business tycoon Devinder Singh Rana is changed. Availing a surgical intervention, he has reduced more than 42 kgs of his weight quite recently. He is on a new diet chart but is facing real difficulty in saying No, especially when he is touring his ‘province’. His fat removal has given lot of space to his lung power. Off late, he is NCs main loudspeaker in the house. Almost shadowing his leader, he keeps his secrets, though. He does not reveal his current weight, literally and metaphorically.


In 2016, that had almost half of the year in turmoil, the liquor sale exhibited a slightly interesting trend. Unlike IMFL, beer and whisky had barely an impact. Srinagar-Budgam range sold 11.50 lakh bottles in 2014-15 that jumped to 15.29 lakh in 2015-16. Till November in the current fiscal only one third of Indian Made Foreign Liquor was sold – 5.08 lakh. Beer remained unchanged, so to say. From 11.29 lakh to 13.96 lakh bottles in last two financial years, the range consumed 10.82 lakh bottles in only eight months.


26000 trees were axed around Wulla lake that saw government spending Rs 26.77 crore on dredging and another Rs 13.49 crore on catchment treatment in last five years.




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