19 booth officers removed in old city: PDP

KL Report


The opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) Sunday stated that the ruling National Conference has accepted defeat ahead of the forthcoming polls  and in the old city it is busy in ‘illegally’ removing the booth level officers “only to be replaced by NC activists and their kith and kin”.

PDP alleged that 19 poling officers of the old city have been removed and the task now has been given to the people that are the children of NC activists. “The move of the ruling party vindicates that the party has accepted the befitting defeat ahead of the assembly elections and that the move has been done without the approval of the election commission,” party said in a statement on Sunday.

PDP leader and party’s candidate for Khanyar, Mohammad Khurshid Alam while castigating NC over the issue, stated that it is indeed shameful that the state machinery is now being used for preparing stage for the national conference. “19 Booth Level Officers (BLOs) have been removed in Khanyar constituency alone and the same is being done without even informing the election commission,” he claimed.

Substantiating his claims, Alam stated that on May 2, 2014, BLO accused said that a senior National Conference minister of hindering poll process in Khanyar to pave way for bogus voting. “Booth Level Officer (BLO) also submitted a written complaint before assistant returning officer (ARO) Srinagar. Two female BLOs were also threatened by the minister and were made to leave their polling booths,” he said.

Alam remarked, “the NC is hell bent upon removing the hones ones and replace them with their own men so that another chapter of deception is added to the history of elections. The days are gone when such tactics were used in the elections. Now people are fully aware about the ground situation.”

The PDP leader maintained that election commission will be approached so that level playing field is achieved.


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