2 Lakh Trees Planted in Last Two Years: Govt



The government Wednesday said that it carried out plantation of over 200 Lakh trees across the J&K in the last two years.

Responding to a question by Anjum Fazili, government said that Forest Territorial department carried out plantations of 141.292  in area spanning 21463 ha. It also said that Social Forestry carried out plantations on 47.566 lac nos in the area spanning 5186.17 ha while Soil and Water conversation department carried out plantations is area of 1491.

The government said that the forest areas which have become degraded/denuded are identified for afforestation. “The identified forests are fenced to ward off the grazing pressure followed by planting stocks,” it said. “Afforestation activities are being taken up by various Line Departments of Forest under various schemes like State Plan, District Plan, National Afforestation Program, 12th & 13th Finance Commission Award, Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management & Planning Authority (CAMPA).”


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