43 killed, 544 injured in man-animal conflict in last 2 years: Govt

Aakash Hassan


As man animal conflict has incessantly increased in last two years, at least 43 people have lost their lives while as 544 people were injured, government said Monday.

In a written reply in the Legislative Assembly government stated that incidents of man animal conflict have increased owing to the demission in forest cover, change in land use topography, grazing in forest areas, fragmentation of natural habitats, decreasing prey base.

The documents further stated that biotic interface in habitats of wild animals are gradually coming down because of the measure taken by department in the recent years.

In 2014-15 the total deaths recorded have been stated as 17 while injured as 2244. In 2015-16 the number of deaths increased to 26 and injured 244.

Related to this, government has also mentioned that in these two years compensation of Rs 285.04 lacs for the injured and dead.

Meanwhile government has also stated that the population of Hangul has reduced to 186, making its status critical.

This is only population of it existing in the world. The animal is present only in Dachigam National Park and adjoining areas,” the document states, “This deer species was once numbered around 5,000 animals in the beginning of the 20th century.”


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