Build image by proper deliverance to people: Prasad to Police cops

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Crediting Jammu and Kashmir Police of being one of the best force in the country, Director General of Police (DGP), Ashok Prasad has said it has a pivotal role to play in maintenance of peace and order in the State. Stressing upon the recruits to make public service their mattoo and build the image of the force among the people.

Prasad was addressing the Pass Outs of the 3rd batch of Basic Recruits at Commando Training Centre (CTC), Lethpora Awantipore on Monday. He said that after joining large police family the recruits have now been transformed into physically sound and mentally robust policemen and their sole motto should be to gain public trust and confidence by their deeds in the field. A policeman has great responsibility to tackle different situations with his professional skills and doing his selfless duties with dedication, honesty and impartially and can deliver to the people efficiently, Prasad added.

Stressing upon the recruits at the Attestation-cum-Passing-out Parade, the DGP asked them to keep the pledge they have taken at the oath ceremony. He said that pass outs after completing their basic training course have to exhibit their performance in the field, maintaining high standards of discipline, valour and dedication. Policeman, a visible face among the public and first responder to any situation has to come up to the expectations of people by curbing the crimes and evils, besides ensuring peace and security.

The DGP disclosed that basic training inculcates a spirit of patience among the recruits, besides improving their capabilities. He said that aim of the training is personality development and character building of recruits which help them to instil a sense of duty and people friendly attitude   for strengthening the public confidence. We have been upgrading the working of all training institutions of the Organization to introduce latest training courses and sharpen the skills of our personnel. The duties of a policeman have expanded manifold making imperative to re-orient our training institutions and sensitize the police personnel about the challenges posed by criminals and latest methods of crime control.

Earlier, the Additional Director General of Police, S M Sahai also addressed the function and apprised the DGP about the training activities in the Centre and duties performed by the recruits in the field during their deployment on law and order front, saying that the recruits maintained high standards of discipline and patience despite odd situations. He said that police organization is highly proud of the qualified incumbents and the people are expecting quick and efficient deliverance from them.  He also lauded the efforts of principal and training staff for their efforts to mould the recruits in a shape of “public servants in khaki”’. He said that the pass outs included 27 postgraduates and 164 graduates, besides 260 undergraduates. The pass outs belongs to executive and armed police, were also acquainted with map reading, rescue operations and traffic signals.


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