Idrees-Ul-HaqThe locality is again in news, courtesy Mirza Mohammad Idrees-ul-Haq, the 26 year old innovator. He has designed a device that can transfer aroma in the form of electromagnetic waves. He calls it gen next Aroma Transfer Device which can find use in multiple works for aroma tests in humans. He says it can be used to detect the usage of biochemical weapons also. This device has aroma detecting sensors mounted on a vertical limb and has pre-fed structures of various aroma combinations already stored. In making this device possible, he was helped by Delhi based software firm, AMPLE Designing & Development Solutions.


This is the newest thing happening between the two people straddling the border in Jammu. It was recently detected, by chance. BSF found somebody moving suspiciously near the border and it was a 15 years old boy Imran, a resident of Jalo Chak in Pakistan’s Sahiwal area. In custody, he revealed he had crossed into this side when he was 12. Since then, he has been living with Hassan Din, a Gujjar of forward village Hariya Chak in Hiranagar. Din had given him a fake identity and kept him his domestic help. But Imran said he was tortured by Din forcing him to return. Din is in custody and the baffled security grid is keen to know what is the magnitude of the people to people dialogue at an unofficial and illegal level.


For a 2010 rape and murder of a minor, District and Sessions Judge Sanjiv Gupta has awarded death sentence to accused Shanker, a resident of Khajwa Tehsil Raj Nagar district Chattarpur in Madhya Pradesh. He will have to undergo a rigorous imprisonment of six months prior to hanging if he fails to pay a fine of Rs 2000. State government has been asked to pay a compensation of two lakh to the family of the victim. Another court has awarded five year imprisonment to a cop Nazir Ahmad Bhat of Khuchipora, Tangmarg and imposed a fine of 1 lakh rupees for kidnapping and trying to molest a girl in 2008. Bhat was then personal security officer of agriculture minister Ghulam Hassan Mir.


Peerzada-M-SyedIt can happen only in Kashmir where politicians begging for investment from Corporate India demolish those who do it at their own. An entrepreneur who was in the process of setting up an Rs 20 crore mineral water unit at Sagam in Kokernag had invested Rs 20 lakhs when local MLA and minister Peerzada Sayeed ordered its demolition. Investor Sameer Daril who had got all the clearances was beaten and chased away. The reason: Peerzada believed that the unit would require packaging 60 tankers of water daily that will trigger scarcity of water. The minister did not know that it is water abundant Kokernag and not Thar desert! Long live the government.



mental-health-hospital-Srinagar--klThe nearly 41 year old Mathur Bhai Padhiyar had come for Amarnath yatra in 2006. A psychiatric patient, he lost his balance as schizophrenia took over. He eventually landed in Srinagar’s psychiatric hospital. As he recovered to a larger extent, the hospital informed the police and his brother Jinknash Bhai Chandu Bhai Padhiyar was located Ankalv area in Anand district of Gujarat. But the family did not claim him fearing for the hospital bills. They, however, did not know that there were no pending bills. Even the Gujarat government was also informed. Now Ghulam Nabi Azad during his recent visit to the hospital was informed and he volunteered to bear his travelling expenses. Hail prosperous Gujarat whose chief minister said he will convert J&K from a “beggar” state to a “better” state if he become Indian’s Prime Minister.



Rahim-Motors-Srinagar-OwnerRahim Automobile Institute in collaboration of National Institute of Technology (NIT) has launched state-of-the art car seat heating kit. He dreamed it while in London when he asked his host to put on heater. His host switched on seat heater instead. Back home, Hamid got in touch with NIT that gave him the technical support to indigenize the product. Every seat would cost Rs 6000 as imported kits are selling at Rs 40000, a piece.


204 persons including 83 security men, 48 civilians, 73 suspected militants and an unidentified person were killed in 2013, according to JKCCS. The tally for 2012 was 148 people including 75 militants, 36 armed forces and police personnel and 35 civilians.


Of the 185 foreigners lodged in various prisons of J&K around 50 per cent are languishing behind bars without trial. Only 20 are serving prison term after conviction.


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