55 Couples Tie Knot In Srinagar Mass Marriage

SRINAGAR: More than 50 couples have taken marriage vows in a mass wedding function in Srinagar, reports appearing in the media said. The ceremony was managed by Jaffri Council Kashmir, a group that has been organising such functions in Kashmir.

Reports said the 55 couples that attended the function in Srinagar’s Amar Singh Club belonged to underprivileged sections of the society. They were from various Kashmir districts. The ceremony was simple but impressive and the Council managers said it was the biggest, so far.

At the function, the couples in attendance were honoured by giving them shawls. There were many organisers who spoke about the function and the initiative.

Council managers said the couples register with the group, following which the Council verifies their antecedents and helps them in marriage arrangements. The help is provided to them at their residences and the wedding actually takes place at their respective homes.

Jaffri Council President Haji Musadiq Hussain said they started doing these marriages after various brides lost their assets in devastating September 2014 well before their marriages took place. “We have got some good donors who helped us. These include Parveena Bahan from Gujarat,” he said.

In 2015, the Council said it facilitated the marriage of 38 couples from economically weaker sections (EWS). In 2016, 70 couples tied the knot and in 2017, it was 75. There were 105 such marriages in 2018 and 83 in 2019. Last year, the Council could not arrange the function because of Covid19 but in 2021, 55 marriages are taking place, he said.


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