‘One Cadaver can save eight lives’

KL Report


On the eve of the World Kidney Day to be held on March 13, 2014 SKIMS is in process of starting the Cadaveric Transplant program and launches large scale awareness program on same.

The program is aimed to aware general public about the cadaveric kidney transplant concerns and facts (a kidney/liver or other organ donated from a  cadaver; a person that is brain dead ) and will be participated by prominent religious/ social leaders besides eminent medical professionals of the valley.

According to a statement issued by the media cell of the SKIMS, SKIMS runs successful kidney transplant program with support of latest and advanced equipment’s available.  However the actual kidney transplant requirement is 4000 per annum in and outside State because of load of high-end kidney diseases and only 100-150 undergo treatment due to non-availability of live donors because of blood group incompatibility, unfit /diseased donors or unwillingness on part of family members besides other complications. Similarly the requirement for liver transplant is 300-400 per annum.  In such cases the cadaveric transplant (where the organ is donated from brain dead donor) is a big success and feasible option all over the world.

According to the statement Director SKIMS Dr Showkat Zargar has said that there are many misconceptions particularly about cadaveric transplant and in this regard SKIMS on World Kidney day want to thrust on this pertinent issue to make people aware about the same and address major concerns, facts and treatment options. SKIMS seeks participation of media, social organisations and religious/community leaders  to dispel the notion that cadaveric transplant is unislamic and get their perspective on same.  A committee will also be formed who will approach the relatives of brain dead persons for their consent for organ donation.

The statement said that Professor Khurshid A. Banday Department of Nephrology SKIMS has said SKIMS is making a concerted effort to address the concerns and raise general public awareness which is much needed. Initially SKIMS will conduct large scale seminar in which people from all sections of society will participate and will reach out to public through media, social networking and community and religious leaders to spread awareness and highlight issue of cadaveric transplant and conduct awareness workshops on continuous basis.


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