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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Monday said instead of using derogatory language against its opponents the National Conference should have come out with its performance report of its last 40 years in the government.

Addressing a public meeting in Ramban, Mehbooba said till now NC was able to get away without offering an account of its performance and misdeeds in absence of a viable alternative but now with the emergence of PDP it can’t avoid presenting a report card and vision while seeking votes.

She said PDP is having stakes in peace and stability as the party has demonstrated  it during its brief tenure in the government when a perceptible change on the ground was brought about not only in the state but huge headways were made to improve relations between India and Pakistan.

“But NC is thriving on violence as its leaders know people are not with them anymore and it is now looking for the ways to turn the situation ugly because it suits them ,” she said.

She said NC- Congress alliance has always proved fatal for the state, as it was this combination which forced youth to pick up guns after rigging assembly elections in 1987 and now the same has compelled them to pick up stones.

“This combination has built vested interest in instability of J&K that is why the two have done everything to force the people especially youth to agitate whether on human right violations or for jobs, bijli, pani, sadak etc,” she added.

She said the ruling coalition will be remembered as the most anti people regime in the history where people were even deprived of full ration to their families and they have been made to pay hefty amounts for nonexistent power supplies.

From blaming the entire population as Maha-Chors ( Big Thieves) and now using derogatory language against his political opponents, Dr Farooq has stooped too low in his political conduct and he  is  not sparing even the dead souls.

“Using abusive language against PDP can’t stop NC regime’s downfall which is very imminent, though,” she said adding instead of providing good, corruption free governance to the people, the present government was busy in looting the state to build huge assets within and outside the state.

Mehbooba said now after having miserably failed to fulfill their poll promises of providing jobs to all including 8th pass, cheap power, cheap gas, good roads, clean drinking water, good health facilities etc. NC is resorting to cheap tactics to divert attention from its failures.

She said hundreds of retired officers were given extensions with huge salaries, while as highly qualified persons have to work on daily wages and without pension under the new recruitment policy.

“Daily wagers and casual laborers, SPOs are working on meager allowances, while as retired officers like Mushtaq peer get multiple extensions to loot the state and share the booty with their masters,” said Mehbooba

Mehbooba said there is no count of scandals that have taken place during the present regime. Well founded accusations have been against the highest political authorities of the state including the chief minister, Omar Abdullah, Dr Farooq and many ministers.

 She said the cases like Haji Yousuf’s death and cricket scandal where hushed up which is in contract to what is happening in rest of the country where high and might have lost their jobs and gone into jails but in J&K the Congress and NC have been protecting each other and covering up their misdeeds.

She said people of J&K are forced to agitate as they are left in no systematic options.


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