Kashmir Flooded: Army Details Its Rescue Operations

KL Report


Army has launched rescue mission to evacuate people from flood affected areas to safer places. Large number of people was taken to safety and nonstop effort are underway, a defence spokesman in Srinagar said.

1RR is operating 8 columns in Villages Sangam, Hasan Pura Bagh, Shamsipura, Turktachlu, Khudwani, Ledwani, Howrah and Quimoh. 80- 100 (around 15 families in Turktachlu and Shamsipura) people rescued and shifted to unaffected villages. 25 children and 30 adults were also rescued using tyre, tubes, ropes at Muslim Mohalla, KP road, Anantnag, he said.

3RR column operating at village Hariparigam rescued 24 persons (6 families).

50RR personnel operating in Drangbal, Pampore rescued over 30 persons.

9RR has six columns working including Engineering personnel with ropes, tyres & tubes at Banjarpura and Napura rescued 22 persons to safety. Columns operating at Tankipura rescued 70 persons while those at Kellamgund saved 25 persons and those at Banjatpura saved over 200 persons trapped in water logged areas with no way out.

19RR has columns operating at Vill Palpora that rescued 21 persons and provided 05 tented accommodation to them. There are two other columns with engineer persons equipped with ropes, empty jerrycans and water crossing expedients in adjoining areas.

44RR is concentrating on the danger areas around Hirpur, Balapur-Shopian bridge and nearby areas. Column of over 30 soldiers have been located near Balapur bridge as Quick Reaction Rescue Team for early response against developing situation.

35RR Company located at Beerwah rushed a column to the point where 10m road got washed away. This column was kept as stand by to cater for any emergency. Similarly, two other columns are operating at Abura and Chhandil where water levels are very high.

53 RR troops are operating at Wathoora and Chadoora and assisting people get out of water logged areas to safety.


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