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Day after the separatist leadership here slammed the recent statement of Police Chief about mass graves ,several rights activists including  Gautam Navlakha Sunday termed the statement ‘inconsistent’ to the records.

Navlakha, a noted Human rights activist told KNS that there are more than six thousand and seven hundred mass graves in valley and that  the international intervention is needed so that the truth could come to fore. “The authorities by claiming that there are no mass graves in valley are tryi8ng to white wash their crimes and the fact of enforced disappearances is being disappeared forcibly.”

He added that if there are no mass graves in valley, then what happened to the report by the State Human Rights Commission about the same and that the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has himself confessed the fact that there are mass graves in valley.”This is crazy state of affairs and the blatting attempt to nullify the truth.”

Navlakha stated further that the international intervention over the issue of mass graves is needed and that the Indian authorities are distancing themselves from the issue by stating that they don’t have the sophisticated forensic laboratories where the investigation into the issue of mass graves could be persuaded.

Noted human rights activist, Ahsan unto said that the statement of MR. Prasad lacks that factual evidence and that the police chief must visit the areas of north Kashmir, where the mass graves still haunt the inhabitants.

Unto further mentioned that the state human rights commission (SHRC) has itself mentioned that the number of mass and unmarked graves in north Kashmir are more than 25 hundred. “We want Mr Prasad to accompany us to north Kashmir so that we could show him the real picture.” Untoo further added that if the police chief proves him wrong over the issue of mass graves, he is ready to accept the punishment of any nature.

Another human rights activist Kumar Ji wancho told KNS that the statement of DGP about Kashmir’s mass graves cannot be accepted and that the statement is the complete contradiction of the facts. “There is no logic behind the claim of DGP and the teams across the globe have went to the spots where the mass graves are present here.”

Wancho added further that the people missing in Kashmir since past two decades must be buried somewhere in valley as there are no whereabouts provided by the authorities about them. “The disappeared persons must have been buried in valley, they will be somewhere and could not have been buried outside the state and therefore the issue of mass graves is crucial at present and even during the times to come.”

Advocate Hafizullah while reacting over the issue said that the SHRC has confirmed the presence of more than 2500 mass graves and that the statement of the police chief in this regard in opposite to the real situation.

Substantiating the statement, Hafizullah said that according to United Nations the mass grave is the one where more than 1 person is buried and there is a village called Kichhama in north Kashmir, where more than 30 people are buried in a single grave. “We have identified the mass graves at the places that are accessible but there could be hundreds of other such places but cannot be accessed by the people.”

Asking the DGP to read the report of SHRC about the mass graves, Hafizullah said that more than six thousand such graves are believed to be in Rajori but the probe into  the matter has not begin yet.


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