90 militants active across northern parts of Kashmir, will be tackled: IGP


Kashmir police chief Munir A Khan has disclosed that only 90 militants are active in northern parts of Kashmir and they will be tackled. He said the parents will have to come forward in managing the intermittent student tensions that spills over to the street.

Khan is touring northern parts of Kashmir. He has had a meeting with police and people in Sopore and is now in a similar meeting in Baramulla, reports reaching from Baramulla said.

In Sopore, Khan told a group of residents, invited for the interaction, that police alone many not be able to manage the situation, especially the intermittent students protests. He asked the people that parenting must play its role. “We cannot afford the young generation losing on education.” Khan was quoted saying. “Parents must counsel the boys and girls.” He said police have a very limited role when compared to the parents.

Khan told some reporters that the police have not withdrawn the case against the army officer who was accused of putting a resident on bonnet of his jeep during last elections. The case is being investigation as the FIR is already there, he said.

Later, Khan has driven to Baramulla for a similar meeting. The outcome of his meeting was not immediately known. Police in the town had arrested a number of college students and registered serious cases against them. Though most of them were bailed out, the status of their cases is still not known.

Khan is also meeting the senior officers of the paramilitary forces deployed in the area. Police and CRPF usually work together during law and order situations.


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