A ‘deserter’ has no right to lecture us: NC


SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference political secretary to party president and provincial secretary Showkat Mir on Sunday censured the uncouth assertions of Apni party functionary as a sinister attempt to create chaos, confusion and lend credence to the rhetoric of anti-J&K forces.

In a statement, he said, “Sermons emanating from Ghulam Hassan Mir are hilarious as well as disgusting. Here we have a person who is preaching political probity to us, whose personal credentials are questionable and whose whole politics revolves around opportunism. A known deserter, it is no less than irony to see him give sermons on democracy since he all his life has been known to destabilize duly elected governments in J&K. A value analysis of his political career will only reveal how deeply involved he is in serving the undercover assignments of  various forces to topple representative governments of J&k from time to time; 1984 is the watermark year of his past achievements in that direction.”

“People of J&K aren’t gullible. His real deposition is known to each and every person of J&K who knows him inside out.  He has asserted that he won’t shy away from representing people.  Would he care to explain who does he represent? We don’t solicit certificates from a person who draws his political sustenance from forces as are inimical to J&K’s political dignity and rights. We draw our sustenance from people,” he said.

“Before he preaches others, let him come clean on former Army Chiefs revelation on his dubious role in J&K. A self-seeker he has been part of all classified missions aimed to obliterate the identity of J&K,” Mir said in a statement.


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