Acute Shortage Of Rations Leaves People Fuming


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In spite of repeated announcements by the government about availability of rations during the holy month of Ramadhan, there is acute deficiency of food in most of the rural, Kandi and hilly areas. City is no exception. People suffer heavily on account of scarcity of rice, sugar, kerosene and flour at hundreds of depots of CAPD.

People said that most of the ration depots are empty and people have to buy food grains at exorbitant prices from the open market. “There is no control on prices either and government is almost non-existent everywhere,” one of the residents of Nowgam Bypass told CNS.

People from Srinagar, North and South Kashmir complained of shortage of food. Scores of hamlets from Tral town including Chandrigam, Mandoora, Saimou, Sopore town, Shopian and Srinagar city are facing acute shortage of rations.

People said shortage of food is becoming a major cause of concern in Kashmir.While special measures were taken in other regions of the country during the holy month of Ramadhan, no attention is being paid to Jammu and Kashmir. In Srinagar City people are suffering as the government is not bothering even to inquire about the situation. Similarly, in North, South and Central Kashmir most people were left to fend for themselves with the Public Distribution system almost completely collapsed.

People said the government instead of trotting out statistics should try to reach out to people during these holy days and take special measures for solution of this grave problem.

Meanwhile, all the ration depots of Kashmir Valley remained closed on Saturday as the CAPD employees had gone on strike on promotion issues.


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