Administration‘s “Ugly Designs” Unacceptable: Peoples Conference

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference on Tuesday held a provincial meeting at its party headquarters in Srinagar.

The meeting was organized by the Provincial Committee headed by Provincial President Mohammad Khurshid Alam and attended by senior leadership, members of the youth wing, women’s wing, and student wing of the party. In the course of the meeting, the leaders deliberated on a host of issues concerning the people of J&K and subsequently adopted a resolution.

The PC leaders stressed that the need of the hour is for the party workers to fan out across J&K to reach out and interact with the people at every level.

“It is at this time of need, when the people of J&K are feeling isolated and alienated, that political forces must extensively reach out to the people to fill the void”, the leaders emphasized during the meeting, as per a statement issued to the news agency GNS.

The leaders once again appealed to the J&K administration to stop needling the people of J&K on every issue and let them live in peace.

“Not a day goes by when there is not some new sinister experiment by this administration. The people of J&K have gone through a lot of turmoil. It is perhaps the only place in India that does not have a popular government”, the leadership noted.

PC leaders also expressed their grave apprehensions about the shortlisting of recruitment company Aptech by the SSRB. They implored the administration to stop playing with the future of the youth of J&K and spare them from any further experimentation.

“If APTECH is blacklisted by seven states, how can the J & K administration have the audacity to hire the same company? Even any transparent selection in the future will be tarnished because of a tarnished recruitment agency”, the statement added. (GNS)


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