Administrative Shift of Health Institutions in Valley


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 Conceding to the persistent demand of the residents, the government on Saturday approved the change of jurisdiction and the newly constituted districts were given the control of health institutes, which fall in their own jurisdiction.

 As per the Government Order number: 633-HME of 2012 of 17-10-2012, the Health and Medical Education Department has accorded sanction to the shifting of administrative control of 32 health institutions including CHC Rajpora, PHC Ruhmoo, PHC Sangerwani, PHC Hawal, AD Abhama, AD Shadimarg, MAC Tujan, SC Wasanmargh, SC Kasbi-Yaar, Sc Achigoze, SC Kamrazipora, SC Thokerpora, SC Drabgam, SC Zagigam, SC Gulshanbad, SC Below, SC CB Nath, AD Gudar, MAC Brainai, SC Lammer, AC Akhall, SC Lanker Pombay, SC Dardgund, MAC Muskhud, SC Pariwan, SC Balsoo, SC Bachroo, SC Manchowa, SC Hangulbuch, SC Katapora, SC Yamrach and SC Sonigam.

 Commissioner Secretary, HME Department, MK Dwivedi said that changing the jurisdiction would save the residents of the concerned areas from unnecessary hardships and also improve the effectiveness of district administration in dealing with their institutions.

 He further said, “It was identified that the reorganisation did not require any financial implication and provide relief to the residents of three districts including Kulgam, Pulwama and Shopian. For instance, residents of Kulgam had to depend on health institutions linked with other districts, which now has been rationalized.”

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