Afzal Guru Event: Muzzling Voice of Kashmiris Can’t Change Facts, says DeM Chief



Kanhaiya Kumar
Kanhaiya Kumar

Expressing support and solidarity with Kashmiri students, who have been charged with “sedition” and “criminal conspiracy” for raising voice against the “injustice meted out to Kashmiris”, Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) chairperson Aasiyeh Andrabi Friday condemned the arrest of Jawahar Lal Nehru University Students Union president leader Kanhaiya Kumar.

In a statement issued here Aasiyeh said that by “harassing” all those who stand for truth, “India is actually trying to stop the sun shining in the world which, however, it is not possible.”

“The student leaders’ arrest is highly condemnable. On one hand India claims to be the largest democracy of the world and on the other hand it curbs the freedom of expression and wants to stop everybody from speaking truth. Anybody who has a clear and truthful heart can stand for truth anywhere and that is exactly what JNU students did by standing for the justice. India wants to suppress even those Indian’s who have realized the reality of Kashmir but the arrogant state should bear it in mind that no power on earth can stop the sun of truth from chasing the darkness of lies,” she said.

Quoting Aasiyeh, the statement read, “today a handful of Indian students raised voice and time is not far when they will find more and more people joining them. Time has come when more and more conscious people will raise voice and ask India why it was holding the nation of Kashmir captive on gun point. Instead of filing fake cases against these future leaders India should be thankful to them that they want to show them a way out of the mess India is trapped in because of its stubbornness and rigidity.”

Wife of the incarcerated jailed leader, Dr Qasim Faktoo, Aasiyeh said that by stopping people from speaking truth doesn’t change the facts in favour of India instead it exposes the “Indian arrogance further”.

“Indian agencies may try to implicate Kashmiris and some Azad Kashmir students and ruin their career. In case such wickedness is done it will have dangerous results. Kashmiris will show a strong resistance against any such move against the innocent students,” Aasiyeh added.


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