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Ahead of ‘World Human Rights Day’ to be observed on Monday, Association of Parents of Disappeared Person (APDP) strongly demanded for setting up an independent and credible commission to investigate cases of alleged disappearances of people in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Our dear ones have gone missing at the hands of government forces and related agencies. In most cases, the perpetrators have been identified and cases against them are pending in different courts,” APDP chairperson Parveena Ahangar said on Sunday.

“We demand an independent and credible investigation,” she said.

The association holds the sit-in on the tenth of every month demanding whereabouts of the people who disappeared in the custody of police, army and paramilitary forces.

This month the sit-in was organised on 9th because of the strike call by separatists on the occasion of International Human Rights Day tomorrow, Ahangar said.

“An independent commission of inquiry should be instituted and empowered to look into all the complaints of enforced disappearances, extra judicial killings, torture, rapes and other human rights violations,” Ahangar said.


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