Sadhortra And Murtaza Awarded Best Legislators

KL Report


Ajay Kumar Sadhortra and Murtaza Khan were awarded with the best Legislative Council Members awards by chief minister Omar Abdullah in legislative council today.

While giving the awards Omar Abdullah advised the newly elected members to represent the people in the House to the best of their capacity. He told them to make the discussions more productive and results yielding for common people. “You should learn from your seniors and play your role to earn the title of best Legislatures”, he told them.

Omar also highlighted the necessity of exhibiting the disagreement to a view point in a decent manner adding that in a democratic set up every legislator has his right to disagree. “However, the maxim ‘agree to disagree’ should be applied in such a way as would not reduce the dignity of the Houses”, he said maintaining that disagreement to a view point should be in a befitting and parliamentarian manner.

As per a statement chief minister said that it has been observed  that the members do not utilize the right  procedure to make their view points in the assembly or council but they choose speaking outside the Houses which weakens the institutions.

Omar Abdullah said that politics and politicians are presently being suspected by people for their behaviour and approach. “We have to change this mindset prevailing in the society by incorporating human element while taking on each other and exhibiting disagreement to others viewpoints. If our hearts do not meet, our hands should at least meet”, he said adding that playing politics is something different and upholding human values is different.

The Chief Minister also showered his praises over the members who have retired for rendering valuable role as members of the House. He also welcomed the newly elected MLCs who were administered oath today.  Omar Abdullah mentioned the services of Mohammad Yousuf Tang as Deputy Chairman of Legislative Council as also its member. He also mentioned lively discussions of Murtaza Khan and others and wished them all well being.


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