All is not well in MA road Girls College; ‘Gang Fight’ reaches Lal Chowk


Saima Bhat

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For the first time in the history of Women’s college, Moulana Azad road Srinagar, the fight between the ‘rival groups’ came out of the walls of the college on Wednesday.

The protesting girls, reached press enclave and marched up to Lal Chowk. They alleged that some girls created hurdles in the college ground when some girls were busy in playing cricket resulted in the brawl between the two groups injuring at least two.31kashmir1

The girl who alleged that her arm has been fractured in the fight said, “We were playing cricket and some girls were roaming in that side of the ground. When we asked them to move from the place they in turn started abusing us which ultimately turned up into a fight.” She added, “We were beaten to pulp and even some were hit on their delicate organs as well.”

The protesting girls were raising slogans against the college administration. “They always ask us to keep quite if such incidents happen but it can’t be done after a point of saturation. Our teachers, having the political approach always discriminate between the girls from rural and urban areas,” said Sahira adding that being a girl from city she loves to play but is discriminated.

While as a girl watching the protests calmly in the corner of the enclave informed Kashmir Life, “these girls are lying. The fight happened some days ago when a student was asked to move out of the ground by gang girls. But she refused. Only a day after that girl, who refused to move, was attacked by the gang girls in Lambert lane, in Lal chowk with a knife. She still has the cuts and wounds on her neck.”

She further added that the protesting girls first creating mess and tried to “kill” a girl and now they are protesting. “I am against them as they are playing with the reputation of the college and if our parents will come to know about this they will be reluctant to send us to the college.”

One more student added, “All these things happen in sports ground which is located at the back of the college premises. Girls, related with sports always indulge with such kind of  mischievous activities.”

The protesting girls also added, “cell phones are not allowed in any college but how do girls carry their phones in the premises of the college. Drug addiction is increasing in the college and most importantly ‘rackets’ are caught in the college but nothing happens on the administrative level to curb these menaces in the college.”

The principal of the college,  Prof Shaheen Altaf was not available to comment over the incident instead another teacher informed Kashmir Life over phone that,  “The fight was between the two girls outside college so administration cannot comment over it.”


  1. administration hav to wake upp nd do sumthng for thease stupid thngs ? Nd also parents’s of those students should be punishd why they gave the excess freedom to their childrens . . SHAME ON THEM ! Shame on them ! SHAME ON THEM . . ! ! ! !

  2. Mubbarak ho . Girls .tum na to nizam he badl dia.pahla ladko ke gang huva krte the.ab to ladkio na yeh kaam sambal lia. I think we should. Now understand y we r not getting freedom irespective of loss of so many lives….
    Jb ma bahr nahe gaya tha padna ka lia ma sochta kashmir ki ladkiya bahr ja kr b sharief ladkio ke tarah rahte mara dosto jb ma bahr gaya .waha ma na dakha.ghar sa bahr ladkio ko kyu nahe baija cha hia.blv me you wll feel shame if u see wat do thier

  3. The girls who went to press lane are the actual culprits. . . Known and famous for fightng in the colege. They have abused the sports team of college and then attacked one of the sports girls with knife. .

  4. Frresom z everybdys right……bt when things like rackets and drug addiction is happening around….how do people expect the most responcible person of college and teachers nt knowing it….and even when they kno and dont take any action against it how can we not expect these things…..the things that have come in front because of this incident should now be looked into by parents,police and resp people f kashmir also…..itz high time to stop somthing that happnd in JNU,Delhi today be stopped from happening in any college here……bttr then criticising these girls the adminstration of the college should be questioned……..!!!!
    Who,how and why z providing drugs to these girls…..n wht other kindaa rackets are happening inside………!!!!#?

  5. I guess people must support these protesting girls becoz 1st time someone has come out against the administration, everyone has heard that this and that is going on inside the college but admin always keep mum to save their image….. better late than never

  6. Do behave lke proper grls nt like giants,,,,becoz of yours stupidity others innocent grls also involve in this curb menace nd the administration of college also becomes unreputated,,,,,,,,

  7. This girl in Shalwaar-Pant is the öne and her close frnds are respönsible for such situation.She is from Maisuma as far i know and has been caught many times by administration indulging in anti-Islamic activities.She also disrepects the girls who are from rural areas but the top admin seems to be helpless b4 her and her gang.


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