Amid Political Row, Govt Distributes 500 Controversial PRCs in Kishtwar

Asif Iqbal Naik


Nearly 500 controversial PRCs (permanent residence certificates) were issued to school childrens in Kishtwar District in last five days and nearly 5000 certificates will be issued soon.

This was revealed by Minister of State for Revenue Sunil Kumar Sharma who said PDP-BJP govt won’t buckle under the political pressure created by Kashmir-based political parties and religious organizations.

Sharma told Kashmir Life that distribution of PRCs, RBAs and Caste Certificates will continue under coalition govt’s project MADAD (Help) “aimed at to provide the doorstep facilities to the people”.

“Distribution of PRCs, RBAs and Caste Certificates to deserving ones is a step forward toward good governance, committed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

Sharma said that an unwarranted controversy regarding issuance of PRCs is being created by some Kashmir-based political parties who have been rejected by the people in the recent Assembly elections. “NC is only creating doubts in the minds of the people on flimsy grounds,” he said.

He said that it is proven fact that NC never supports any good initiative which gives benefit to the poor people.

“Yes there are various students studying in our schools, colleges and universities who are not State Subjects,” he said, “but that doesn’t mean we are issuing PRCs to them. Everything is being scrutinized by the certificate issuing authority before issuing any such certificate.”

He said that everything is being done in transparent manner, “and anyone can check and seek the details of beneficiaries under RTI Act”.

This project, Sharma said, which is being implemented at pilot basis in Kishtwar and will be shortly extended to whole state.

“The new initiative of the government will not only revolutionize the whole working of Revenue department, but will also strengthen the faith of people in the state institutions,” he said.

He said that no amendment has been made in existing laws.

Significantly, the decision of distribution of PRCs at school level has drawn flak from Kashmir-based political parties and religious organizations, terming the new policy an attempt to change the population ratio of the state.


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