There is anger, angst among Kashmiri youth: Lt Gen Retd DS Hooda

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Image courtesy: The Indian Express

Retired Indian army general Lt Gen DS Hooda while admitting that there is “anger” and “angst” among youth in Kashmir has said that the reasons behind need to be addressed terming it no “rocket science”.

“There is anger and a certain amount of angst among the youth,” he said, “the answer is not difficult and it is not rocket science to understand what needs to be done,” he told The Indian Express in an interview.

“There is need for engagement, particularly with the youth. I think 70 per cent of the population there is below 30 years of age. They don’t have opportunities. They are also reluctant to come out of the state,” he said in the interview.

Stating the need to talk with the people of the valley he said, “We need to talk to the traders, taxi owners, people in the tourism industry, students, we need to talk to everyone.”

He also said that there is lack of confidence among the people and added, “There is a little lack of confidence in terms of what can be done.”

Urging for political engagements, he acknowledged that there is a feeling that there is a complete freeze in engagement. However, he said, “political issues have to be addressed”.



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