Another Deadline To Medicos Refusing To Join In Remote Areas

KL Report


With around 200 doctors failing to join duties in remote areas of the state, the government Thursday issued warning asking them to be ready for termination in case they fail to join their duties within one week.

“See we are short of doctors in far flung areas. Government has decided to terminate services of doctors who have refused to join their duties in remote areas of the state,” Minister for Health Taj Mohi-ud-Din told KNS.

He said that 700 doctors were recruited through Public Service Commission (PSC) and posted to different areas of the state including some remote areas.“Of these doctors some have not joined their duties in remote areas,” the Minister said. “We have decided to terminate their services and subsequently the posts will be re-advertised after Monday.”

As per the rules, the Minister said, the doctors are duty bound to serve in the villages and remote areas for the first seven years of their tenure. “But it has happened for the first time that some doctors have rejected to join the duties and are willing to leave their jobs,” he said.

The Minister accepted the shortage of doctors in hospitals and other health institutes across the state. “I will not hesitate to say that there is shortage of doctors. The government is concerned and conscious about the situation. But our problem is that the new generation is not willing to serve in the remote places and instead prefer to give up their jobs to move outside state,” he said and added that the government is looking into the problem why the doctors are not willing to go to villages and remote areas.


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