‘Any Untoward Incident with Jammu Muslims will Invite Major Storm’, Geelani Warns


Syed Ali Geelani
Syed Ali Geelani

Expressing “deep concern and anguish over the anti-Muslim and venomous statement” of state’s forest minister Choudhary Lal Singh, chairperson Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani Sunday said that this outburst of the “communal” minister of a “puppet government” is the perfect reflection of the mindset of RSS and the Sang Parivar and they are practically waiting for another 1947 like bloodshed of the innocent Muslims in the Jammu region, a statement issued by the amalgam here read.

“Geelani cautioned that any untoward incident with any Jammu Muslim will invite major storm in the entire state which will wash away the Lal Singh like people and they will find no place to hide.”

While demanding registration of FIR against the erring forest minister, the Hurriyat patriarch said that he had displayed his level of “mental illness and madness” and instead of sitting on a ministerial chair, his place should be behind the bars.

Commenting on the recent statements of the BJP state president Sat Sharma and MLC Surinder Ambardar regarding the most sensitive sainik and pandit colonies, Geelani said that although a PDP minister has been permanently deployed to befool people and lie on TV over this topic but the silence of CM Mehbooba Mufti in this regard is obvious proof that “she had sold everything of Kashmir to the Bhajpa” in the name of ‘Agenda of Alliance’ and had made Kashmir a hunting place for the “communal forces” of India.

“Like the return of Power Projects to the state, the people are being deliberately kept in dark about the establishing of separate clusters for the retired Indian army men and the Pandits.”

Hurriyat Conference (g) is closely and keenly watching the situations and is collecting facts and evidences in this regard, the statement quoted Geelani as having said.

“The duel policy of the state government will get exposed very soon and the secret deal of the BJP and PDP will be before the public,” the statement added.

Geelani also lashed out at National Conference and said that these people remember Kashmir and miserable condition of its people when they are out of power.

He said, “The NC, PDP and the state Congress are collectively responsible for the pathetic condition of the Kashmiri nation and they have no other interest than how to reach the chair of power.”

Geelani reminded that when in 1947 the Muslim populations were “brutally massacred” and “5 lakh” innocent Muslims were killed mercilessly by the “Hindu fundamentalists” on the grounds that they were Muslims, the then leadership of the National Conference not only remained silent over the issue but their tallest leader when asked to comment on this said that “the Jammu Muslims do not recognize me as a leader”. Today they are making hue and cry over the statement of Choudhary Lal Singh because they are out of power.

Hurriyat Chairman while addressing the “Sangh Parivar” and their “agents in Jammu & Kashmir” however said that much water had flown now from the Jehlum and the Kashmiris cannot be anymore deterred by these types of pressure tactics and force. “People of Kashmir are rational enough to understand the filthy character of PDP and they know that Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah like people are handles of the axe of oppression.”

Geelani cautioned that the nation will not sit silent over the sainik colonies, separate clusters for Pandits and the hardships of the Jammu Muslims. “This aggression will be resisted in every possible way and we will not shy away from giving any kind of sacrifice in this regard.”

The octogenarian leader appealed the Kashmiri people to be mentally prepared for any kind of situation and said that if need arises I will be the first person to offer my life for the honour, identity and freedom of the Kashmiri nation.


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