Arin Bandipora road in shambles, residents say

by Tahir Bhat


Residents of Arin Bandipora and its adjoining areas in northern district of Bandipora district are up in arms against the Roads and Buildings department for ignoring the Arin Bandipora Road since a long time.

The road that stretches from main town Bandipora to Arin and connects more than 4 villages via Madar, Konan, Arin and other adjoining areas is in dilapidated condition.

A Local resident of Arin Bandipora Mohd Munwar said that the R&B department seems to be in deep slumber. The money provided by government under various schemes has got lapsed several times due to poor utilization.”

They said that it takes around one hour from main town Bandipora to Arin which otherwise could be covered in 20 minutes. “Black topping of roads was never done from Mader to Arin,” the residents said.

“We only see politicians at the time of elections. During electioneering they promised moon but fail to even provide us bijli, sadak and paani,” the residents said.

Meanwhile, local residents of Arin and konan Appealed MLA Bandipora Usman Majeed and PDP General Secretary Adv Nizamuddin Bhat to address their Grievances without further delay.


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