As Govt Ceases to Exist, Budget Session Stands Cancelled



While the government has ceased to exist following the demise of the former chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the Budget Session of the Legislative Assembly scheduled for January 18 has been cancelled.

Legal experts said that since the cabinet and council of ministers has ceased to exist after the demise of the elected head of the state, the Assembly session as per law itself stands cancelled.

“Now the new date can be announced by the notification from the Governor N N Vohra only after a new chief minister and his council of ministers takes oath of office and secrecy,” the experts said.

They said that the governor can issue a new summon to the Legislature only after it takes oath as per law.

The budget session of 52 days and 36 sittings was scheduled for 18th of this month till March 9, where the legislators had put 1169 questions to the former government and its ministers, sources in the Assembly secretariat told KNS.

Of the total questions put by 63 members of the Assembly (out of 89), 624 were starred and 545 were unstarred, sources said.

In addition, the Assembly was to discuss 17 private members’ bills and 86 resolutions.

Experts said that the new Assembly secretariat can consider the questions and bills which have already submitted or issue a new notification to the members.

They said that in case if any former cabinet minister is removed from his portfolio, then the member who had asked questions will be issued a notification for new questions.

“If any legislator who had asked the question is included in the cabinet, his question stands cancelled because as per law, a cabinet minister cannot ask questions,” the experts said.

Now, all the eyes about the Budget session remain on the new government formation.


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