Asiya Calls for Civil Curfew on Oct 27



Dukhtaran-e-Millat president Asiya Andrabi while declaring the 27th October as one of the “worst days” in the history of Muslim Ummah in general and of Jammu Kashmir in particular said that Jammu and Kashmir was “invaded on this day and the illegitimate and illogical occupation of India continues till now”.

She said, “a civil curfew should be observed on this day and there should be absolute black out from 7 pm to 8 pm to protest the ‘illegal occupation’.”

“Jammu Kashmir was illegally occupied and the people of, otherwise, Free State will continue on every such occasion till India’s last soldier leaves this land and the people are let free. 27th October was the day when an arrogant, rude and brutal force like India under a well planned conspiracy entered Jammu Kashmir and occupied this land and illogically made us its slaves on military might,” she said and added, “Kashmiri’s have always protested against the illegal occupation and will continue to do so.”

She said, “the then wicked leadership of India did a conspiracy and the treacherous hypocrites of then Kashmir played collaborators rule to make the ill intentioned plans of India a success. Since then India has been controlling our land by use of brutal forces and by befooling the world community.”

Calling for a civil curfew on the anniversary of “this painful day” she said, “once again should we reiterate our stand and remind the world that while India claims to be the biggest democracy and is trying to become a big power it has occupied our land against the wishes of majority of the state and has subjugated us and has denied us all the rights”. “People across Jammu Kashmir should turn off the lights of their houses in the evening, from 6:30PM to 7:30PM and should shout anti-India and pro-freedom slogans through the Public Addressing systems of the Masjids.”


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