NC’s Rana Expresses Concern over Jingoistic, Aggressive RSS Activities on Jammu Streets



Provincial President National Conference Jammu Devender Singh Rana Sunday expressed concern over jingoistic new-found aggressive RSS activities in the winter capital, saying these have potential to destroy the traditional amity and harmony among the people in mixed populated areas.

“Today’s march in the Jammu streets, which was an aggressive and arrogant display of blatant intoxication of power in a most crude manner, never ever seen during annual marches in the past, unfolds nefarious RSS game plan which BJP cannot justify as a routine annual Dussehra activity,” Rana said in a statement here.

 “This is a considered bid to create communal polarization,” Rana said while urging the peace loving people of Jammu to counter the communal politics of RSS and BJP, as they have always done by keeping the reactionary elements at bay.

“Continued marches speak of a well thought out strategy and design to vitiate the atmosphere and create wedge in the society on the basis of caste, creed and religion,” he said, however, he added, “the people of Jammu have always shown high degree of resilience and upheld the secular ethos.”

Rana said the people of Jammu understand the machinations of the Sangh Parivar, which has lost its ground in once strong-bastion because of opportunistic and divisive politics besides governance deficit. This, he said, “is reflected by successive three successful shut-downs against irritational policies of the coalition government during the past three months which has actually unnerved the BJP-RSS combine.”

“In a fit of desperation, the BJP has now resorted to unusual activities like public display of lathis and arms by RSS volunteers consecutively for the third day today,” he said and wondered over the covert support being provided by the PDP in accomplishment of such frightening acts.

The Provincial President said that hate politics has bought the nation at cross-roads of its history and put the idea of India at peril thereby testing will of the people, who though might be silent but agitated and disturbed as to how the future will unfold for generations in this country. “The legacy bequeathed by the founding fathers of the nation, having passed through many tests, need to be preserved and not trampled”, he observed.

“By trying to bring the people of different segments of the society eyeball to eyeball situation, the Sangh Parivar is playing with fire in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

Rana wondered over the unholy wedlock of two diverse ideologies which were ruling the State and perpetrating politics of hate and mistrust. ‘A Government which was expected to be seen as delivering is unfortunately encouraging the atmosphere of drift and intolerance,” he said while counselling the alliance partners not to test the patience of people anymore.

“The resilience of the people of Jammu and Kashmir despite provocations is like writing on wall to be taken as a lesson by the PDP-BJP combine,” he said and hoped that the coalition partners will appreciate the importance of peace and tranquillity and concentrate on development instead.


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