Assembly Complex Jammu Has A Rear Collapse

KL Report


Within a few hours after Chief Minter Omar Abdullah visited the cracked up assembly complex in winter capital on Monday afternoon, the rear wall of the main complex collapsed during the night. No loss of life was reported as most of the workforce was located at a safe distance.

While the rear wall of the assembly collapsed, that of the council is still in place. Officials said the situation is very dangerous as any thing can happen any time. Already, part of the offices functioning in the rear of the complex were shifted to the main hall.

Offices accompanying the chief minister are happy that they had a miraculous escape as the wall collapsed after they left the place. Already, the assembly secretariat has been conveyed by the government that they should look for an alternative for the budget session.

After the wall collapse, reports from Jammu said, employees are reluctant to work in the totally unsafe building. It was not immediately known where the twin legislative complex would put up their shop for transacting the routine.


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