Assembly: Word ‘lynch’ has a different meaning for JK assembly

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Peoples Demoratic Party senior leader and minister Imran Ansari on Wednesday told National Conference provincial president Devendra Singh Rana that “Nobody can lynch a blue whale”.

Ansari made the remarks after the members of the opposition objected to his “lynch” remarks that he made on Tuesday in the assembly.

Ansari had told Rana that he can “Lynch him here as I know your all shady businesses”.

On Wednesday, before the start of the special session, Rana asked the Speaker to direct the Director General of Police to register an FIR against the Minister.

Rana said that if something happens to him, responsibility lies with the government.

Minister of Social welfare Sajad Lone while defending Ansari said that Rana should compliment him (Ansari) for ‘stretching the English language.

“Ansari didn’t mean to lynch him physically. He didn’t mean in the literal sense. He has stretched the use of the English language. You should compliment him, “ Lone said.

Sajad Gani Lone

He further added that if Rana wants to loge an FIR on such a small issue, it would be an insult to all those people who have died during the 25 years of conflict.

“25 saal se lakhon log maray… Itnay naazok hain aap…. (Since 25 years, people have been dying. Are you so fragile). This is a humiliation for all those who have died. What are we going to tell those people who have died that because of wrong usage of grammar, there will be a different rule for us and different for them,” Lone told Rana.

He further added that if FIRs on such matters were started to be lodged, NC members will have to face lakhs of such FIRs.

Ansari once again created a stir after he said that no one can lynch a ‘blue whale or Rana’.

He read out his statement again and said that he used the word lynch in a different context.

“What I said was that Rana, I can lynch you here. I know all your shady businesses. But no one can lynch a blue whale or Rana,” said Ansari.

The speaker Kavinder Gupta tried to calm the situation but saying that all these remarks would be expunged however, Mohammad Shafi Uri and Rana replied that expunging will not solve the problem as the comments are akin to criminal intimidation.

Imran Ansari and Ms Mehbooba Mufti (A file pic)

“Ansari comments come under criminal intimidation. This is not a common issue that you will expunge such comments. I request you to consult a legal expert also and then give your suggestion henceforth,” Uri told the speaker.

Uri added, “There are rule books and you should pass a rule on it.”

The speaker added that we are all responsible and people have a lot of expectations from the members of this house.

Rana pointed out that if the remarks are expunged, he thanks the house for that but if God forbidden ‘something happens to him after that’ who will be responsible?

“God Forbid if I die who will be responsible? Right now I am alive so please rescue me and lodge and FIR,” said Rana.

Legislative Assembly Speaker: Kavinder Gupta

However the Law Minister Haq Khan pointed out that the matter is with the speaker and he should not be pressurized to pass a rule immediately.

“The issue is under examination of the speaker and we shouldn’t compel him to give a ruling a right now,” said Khan.

Both Ansari and Lone read out the ‘literal’ meaning of the word lynch in the house and told Rana that the word was not used ‘literally’.

“Lynch means when a mob gets together to beat you up. What I was saying that ‘I can lynch you here…. I know all your shady businesses,” Ansari told Rana.

Lone said that if the opposition doesn’t believe him then they should consult an English professor.


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