At UNSC, Modi Talked About The Commitment Against Terrorism, Drugs And Money-laundering

SRINAGAR: In a 22 minute pre-recorded video message Prime Minister, Modi on Saturday evening talked about the commitment to fight against terrorism, smuggling of illegal weapons, drugs and money-laundering.

He has also asked for the role in UNSC. “Till when do we have to wait? Till when will India be kept away from the UN’s decision-making process?”

The Prime Minister made a strong pitch for a more prominent role in the UN Security Council – the global body’s highest decision-making forum. In his powerful opening remarks he said, “When we were weak, we didn’t trouble the world. When we became strong, we didn’t become a bojh (burden) on the world. Till when do we have to wait? India has sent soldiers to UN peace-keeping missions and has lost the most number of soldiers,” the Prime Minister said in powerful opening remarks.

The global body needed to adapt and change to stay relevant in current times. “Reform is needed at the United Nations and India is waiting for that reform to happen,” the Prime Minister said.

Asserting the commonalities in the India and UN in his speech, Modi said, “The ideals of the United Nations and India’s main principles are similar. Vasudev Kutumbakam (the world is one family) has echoed in UN halls many times. India has always thought about the welfare of the world,” he was quoted in a report.

Apart from pitching for the permanent seat on the Security Council, he also assured the world community that India would help the world fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“As the largest vaccine-producing country I want to give one more assurance to the global community today,” he said, adding, “India’s vaccine production and delivery capacity will be used to help all humanity in fighting this crisis,” Prime Minister said.

In a veiled reference to China-Pakistan ties, the Prime Minister told the United Nations General Assembly that any gesture of friendship by India towards one country is not directed against any third country.

He also underlined New Delhi’s commitment to the fight against terrorism but placed it in a broader context. “India will not hesitate in raising its voice against the enemies of humanity, the human race and human values – these include terrorism, smuggling of illegal weapons, drugs and money-laundering.”

The Prime Minister concluded his speech by saying that, “one hundred and twenty-five years ago, the Great Spiritual Guru, Swami Vivekananda gave this message to the world during the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. The message was, “Harmony and Peace and no dissension,” adding he said, “Today, the message from the world’s largest democracy, for the International community, is still the same: “Harmony and Peace”.


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