‘Atrocity Critters’

By: Hashim Bashir

Representational Picture

Juvenile Bought, Burnt Buds Flames Are At the Garden Too,

Dreams of Fondness Turn To Ashes,

Sleep Scorched By Fire Too And Rain of

Tears Begin,

I Forgot Too When Last Did I Cry


Inside, Deep inside I’m Ground to Dust,

Eyes Robbed By The Thief Of Sight

Heart After Heart- A Grave Mourning Quietness Conversations Too,

Likewise MUM Lone In The Corner of Fate,



Epistle after Epistle Pierced With a Lance These Times Have Banished Learning

Pen after Pen With Tongues Torn Out,

Razors Rings The City Too,

World Fades Away From Me Why Couldn’t

I Count What Belongs to Me!


Bloom After Bloom ,

Wind scarred the poppy Heart Glows Beam with the Scars

All My Beings Injure Says Mumsy,

Nothing Left For Balm too,


Who To Tell Who To Listen?

Peruse Deeply My Each Word,

Can You Tell My Agony Once Gain?

Yet In Deep Winter,

Summers’s Blaze The Heart’s Frozen In Summer Once Again,


Waiting,Waiting In Furtile For Spring Winds To Come My Way;

Maudlin and Frenzied,

Autumn’s grey Covered Its Own Redness Too

Mirror Broken with Stone

Mirror after Mirror Distorts Face,

Distort Too My Own Image.

Peel Out This Black Curtain

I Wanna See Else More “KASHMIR”

CAN I????


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