SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir Peoples Conference on Wednesday said that August 5 will perpetually be remembered as a dark day and a day of disempowerment in the history of J&K.

“August 5th is seen as a day of disempowerment, a reminder of the humiliation that the people of J&K were subjected to,” party spokesperson Adnan Ashraf Mir said in a statement.

Adnan said that the decisions taken on August 5th 2019 are spiteful and contrary to ideals and values of democracy, the federal character of the Indian State.

“These decisions contravene the very ideas of justice and dignity that form the core of the political system and constitutional philosophy of the Republic of India.”

Adnan maintained that these decisions were thrust forcefully upon the populace of the region and lack acceptance or legitimacy amongst the masses.

“Confusing the quiescence of the people of J&K as acquiescence or approval to the decision taken on August 5th is a gross misreading of the situation drummed up by sections of media and intelligentsia. Reality and perception on the ground is diametrically opposite to the make-believe assessments that do not take the point of view of people into consideration”, he added.

Underscoring that the decisions of August 5th have dealt a severe blow to the collective sentiment of the people who championed the cause of Indian democracy, Adnan said that those who upheld the electoral system through participation got the worst treatment despite their sacrifice for democracy in J&K.

“By revoking Article 370 and downgrading J&K into a Union Territory, the government of the day has inflicted irreversible humiliation to the advocates of the mainstream in J&K and pushed them against the wall,” he said.

He further maintained that J&K Peoples Conference is committed to continuing its principled struggle for the rights and dignity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and that the party will pursue this agenda through democratic and legal means.

“While the people are striving to restore their rights and dignity, political parties cannot afford the luxury of creating divisions and the fault lines in the name of region, religion, caste and language. The present circumstances demand unity among the political parties and people of the region till our rights are restored”, he concluded.


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