‘Auqaf Islamia’ Khrew Protests Against Cement Factory Owners



The dust effect!
The dust effect!

Auqaf Islamia Khrew Tuesday staged protest against the owners of cement factories located in their area for announcing that they are “providing Rs 4 crore annually to the residents as part of compensation”.

The members of Auqaf Islamia Khrew chanted slogans against the factory owners and asked them to “justify their claims of providing Rs 4 crore annually to the inhabitants of the area”.

The protestors said, “currently seven cement factories are being run in Khrew village of Pampore area, which are causing immense hardships to the people of locality.”

“The cement factory owners have made false claims stating that they are providing Rs 4 crore annually to the villagers for up-gradation of roads, health and education. If they are paying hefty amount as part of compensation to us then why have we been deprived so far to get the benefits of money? We need justification over the sayings of owners of Cement factories,” the protesting members said.

They accused the cement factories of “risking” thousands of lives. “Since the inception of these factories, agriculture has gone down and saffron crops are immensely decreasing,” they said. “We appeal government to intervene into the matter and ask cement factory owners to justify their sayings at earliest.” (KNS)


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