Author Umar Mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar is a Srinagar based journalist. He is covering human rights and the changing political landscape of the valley.


Apple Selling

Gradually, Kashmir has started changing the way it used to sell its apple. As 14…


A Polytechnic Rescue

For two days sixty boys in the state-run polytechnic were hoping against the hope that they…


Ticking Bombs

At a time when everybody is carrying a broom for a photo-op, Umar Mukhtar visted…

Life Story

RTI Amulet

A carpenter, faith-healer healer has a huge crowd of people on weekends. But some of…

Cover Story

Surviving A Genocide

The perilous journey of Rohingya Muslims from hostile Burma to Kashmir is literally drenched in…


Deadly divide

Separated in birth by a year and in death by 6 kms, sub inspector Feroz…


Taken for a Ride

Elections are a complex process in Kashmir both in terms of logistics and security. Umar…


Campus Chaos

After forces stormed a college campus in Pulwama, student protests became a new norm in…

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