Death wish or daredevilry; Kashmiri boy dares a speeding train by sleeping on the tracks

Umar Mukhtar

Srinagar: Bringing the reel life stunts to real life, a youth somewhere in Kashmir performed a bizarre daredevil act on a railway track in Kashmir on Tuesday sending shivers among the viewers.

In a video uploaded on social networking site Facebook, a youth can be seen performing a daredevil act by lying down on the railway track seconds before a train runs over him. The video is apparently shot by his accomplice.

Though the youth tried to copy the professional stuntmen his act was completely suicidal and reckless. In the video, the boy can be seen wearing a loose robe ‘Pheran’ which could have got hooked and turned the act into a tragic accident.

The video is 39 seconds long and the boy was under the train for about ten seconds. As the train passes over him the boy is seen getting up and celebrating his act.

The video has gone viral on the social networking sites and drew instant reactions from the netizens.  A user on Facebook, Adel Wadoo, commented on a page that shared this video, “he should be slapped with PSA. Our minors may get influenced by such acts. We have already seen enough pain and sufferings.”

“There is a thin line between being brave and a fool, he is the typical example of latter one. He must be booked so that no precious life is lost,” commented another Facebook user.

Also, former chief minister, Omar Abdullah reacted on the same. “Arresting him isn’t the solution. He should be counseled and let off with a stern warning. Our prisons are too full of young men as it is and stupidity isn’t a crime,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, an official from the railway department said that they have taken the cognizance of the incident. “We are identifying the boy involved and the place where the incident took place, a strict action will be taken against the erring boy,” said the official.


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